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Encourage Businesses to locate and expand in Erie County
This will be accomplished by providing regulatory assistance and creating a supportive culture between the local, public, and private sectors. Regulatory assistance includes one-stop shops and streamlining the permitting/zoning processes.
Creating a supportive culture means providing avenues for local small businesses to engage with each other and to be heard by policy makers.
Tax incentives to certain types of businesses, or incentives for consumers who patronize certain industries, can give fledgling markets a powerful boost.
Government entities directly encourage business activity when they contract with private companies to perform government responsibilities. 

Encourage local Businesses and Learning Institutions to enact apprenticeship/mentoring programs instead of building and financing a Community College
This will be accomplished by combining an agreement with the colleges, universities, technical schools and businesses to teach the required skills needed to fill jobs locally. I would be a conduit to bring the groups together to develop certified programs that would provide businesses with qualified/skilled workers. This could be achieved at a lower cost than building a Community College.
This will be a priority for me. Since Colleges and universities are tax exempt, their incentive will be for them to help offset the tuition cost by avoiding continued negativity for being tax exempt but still utilizing government services. I will encourage schools to work with the community inclusive of the minimal amount of money the County gets from the PILOT program.
PILOTs are a voluntary way for charitable organizations that own real estate, but pay no property taxes; to appease often-struggling taxing bodies with diminished tax bases that still have to foot the bill for providing services (such as police, fire and road maintenance).
Reduce spending and refine the annual budget
We all realize that governments waste money. I believe that I, and my administration, will find enough cost savings by thoroughly reviewing the budget. I believe that some services rendered can be more efficiently and effectively be provided by the private sector, and we should allow them to bid on such services. Free Market Capitalism is the American way and it should continue to have the opportunity to succeed in Erie County. We will evaluate and assess the budget line by line, and have all budget responsible individuals evaluate and provide substantial evidence that the allocated money is necessary.
Develop a committee to Promote Erie as a tourist destination for visitors, vacationers, and conventions/conferences.
Tourism needs to be embraced and expanded with open and welcoming arms. We have the ability to be a local “Myrtle Beach” within 100 miles of three major cities; Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh.  This represents “outside money” that should be, and can be, spent here supporting our local businesses rather than elsewhere.

Utilize the resources of our infrastructure
The infrastructure is already in place.  We just need to work with logistical companies to promote the resources that already exist. Our advantage is that we are ideally situated between three major cities, as well as having a harbor on one of the Great Lakes.  We also have a recently expanded international airport that is waiting to be used to its full ability.  Plus, we have a large work force that can be readily available with minimal training.
Americans must come back to the realization that: We did build it, we can still build it, and if the government would help rather than hinder, America would become the number one economy once again. I believe that we can prove that right here in Erie County.
My name is Don Tucci and I am an Entrepreneur and a Marketing Consultant.  I have been self-employed most of my life and I am driven by a desire to shape public policy issues and laws that will impact our future for the positive. 
I believe that I can expand businesses in the Erie Area, and we can become a model for other Pennsylvania Counties that will want to duplicate our success.  This is why I am running for the position of Erie County Executive, and would appreciate your support and vote.  Thank you
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